Hello World: SONIC STILLS FEST 2021

June 18, 2021 · Juliane Schütz

I’ve been crazy busy over the last few months. It’s just amazing, and I am beyond grateful to be doing all these wonderful projects. Photo. Film. Design. Which also means that I have less and less time to actually update my portfolio, but – keep your eyes open on the local interwebz, and you will surely get a glimpse of where and what I’m currently involved in 🙂

On another note: In the background I’ve been continuously pushing forward my own little private experiments, which will now culminate in my first art exhibition.
Wait.. what?!?

There! The flyer says “artist in residence”!

Friends and lovers of my film soup endeavours will recognize this as a direct continuation of my previous attempts to set my kitchen on fire.
Nonetheless, turns out that now I will present my most recent and rather “intimate” projects to a broader audience during SONIC STILLS FEST, which is just aah-maah-zing. It’s not a photo exhibition. It’s not a compilation of video works I’ve done. It really is something entirely different.

With more oomph to it. With a sense of direction which I haven’t been able to fathom until I did. An ongoing fusion of analog and digital, presented on 2 floors.
I never thought this would be anything really, but seems like it turned into something now. Something that doesn’t just bear meaning, beauty, serendipity to myself, but maybe also to others. Holy maccaroni. I can’t even.

I’ve never done this before. I’m scared. And excited! Thank you Mette & Ingo at Stillverk 1 & Sonic Transmissions North & SONIC STILLS FEST for believing in my weird art ♡ and thanks to everyone else who said that this is the weirdest shit ever. I agree 100%.

A photo of me agreeing.

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