All Ears 2019 – Day 3:
Kresten Osgood & Barnas Jazzhus / Lost Girls / Yes Deer / Wildhagen, Sollid, Rosseland, Halmrast / Company Fuck / Fristiluminatirsdag klikk crew / DJ Oddvar

March 1, 2019 · Juliane Schütz

Aaand day 3 of All Ears festival in Oslo with the early but super impressive performances of Kresten Osgood feat. Barnas Jazzhus and Lost Girls at Nasjonal Jazzscene, followed by the evening program at Kafé Hærverk featuring Yes Deer, Andreas Wildhagen/Torgrim Sollid/Elin Rosseland/Marianne Halmrast, Company Fuck (aka KJ Scotty Technology), Fristiluminatirsdag Klikk Crew and the magical DJ Oddvar.

Thank you All Ears, it was an enormous pleasure <3

Day 1: here. day 2: here.

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