nyMusikk: SLAGR / Monkey Plot @ Kunsthall. 18-03-14.

March 15, 2018 · Juliane Schütz

I was kindly invited to take pictures of the latest NyMusikk concert with SLAGR and Monkey Plot at Kunsthall Trondheim. The first time I went, I found myself in a rather dark room with little light sources and projected visuals – but oftentimes, photography is just like improvised music: You have to be prepared for the unexpected, integrate it into your work and create something out of it. That’s the fun part – and here we go!


13 thoughts on “nyMusikk: SLAGR / Monkey Plot @ Kunsthall. 18-03-14.

  1. Robin

    Right column, sixth from bottom, number 0164. LOVE! I can easily see that hanging in a gallery. Seriously you need to have a photo exhibit and I’ll have to fly out there and see it 🙂


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