Once upon a mobile plant

February 28, 2018 · Juliane Schütz

Whenever I pick up film rolls from the lab, I enthusiastically tell myself to shoot more film. And with different techniques. And in different places. And then I finish the next roll over a period of several months, just to have it developed eventually and be completely thrilled when I pick it up, and then I enthusiastically tell myself to shoot more film, …

Neverending story.

More Zuvember: Here.


33 thoughts on “Once upon a mobile plant

  1. Robin

    Oh cool! I don’t recall the 35mm I’ve worked with allowing that. I believe they automatically advanced and I just had to manually wind the roll at the end. But that was 10 or so years ago so my memory could be fuzzy.

  2. Robin

    Is it done before the film is developed or after? Like do you develop the film and the overlap the negatives when making the print? (Though I didn’t think you developed your own prints since that would require a dark room) Or is it somehow done with the camera itself?

    1. julie anne noying Post author

      It’s done with the camera itself. My model (Nikon F55) allows you to take a picture without having it forward the film, so it stops and you can take another picture right away. So basically two exposures on the very same frame, aka “double exposure” 🙂


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