Sunswitch – “Totality” album teaser

November 30, 2017 · Juliane Schütz

Back in August 2017, I was working on an album artwork when my boyfriend decided to play some new Sunswitch songs for me. After half an hour or so I noticed that my initial artwork idea (for a different band with a different type of music) had turned into – guess what – something entirely different. I liked it though, but it didn’t serve the actual purpose anymore. So I saved and closed the file as something like “sunswitch-1.psd” and went back to my original mission.

A few months later though, the new Sunswitch album “Totality” was finished, and in order to promote it, the band thought it would be a cool idea to announce the release with a video teaser… you have no idea how happy “sunswitch-1.psd”was about its unexpected, yet overly fruitful comeback as a fully animated outer space phenomenon.

Here is what I did 🙂

“Totality” by Sunswitch will be released on Jan 19, 2018 through Crispin Glover Records and Stickman Records.
Album artwork: Glyn Smyth


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